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Perform Tv Consultants on IMDb  |  Breaking News ::   Diegodiego joins our mentoring to youth RED CARPET CELEBRITY CHARITY EVENT   [+]   Orion Stallard just signed to worldwide agency.   [+]   Emerging writer Joshua Singleton is in network negotiations for "Stripped" and "CLASSIFIED."   [+]   Giovanni Di Pietro is currently directing and starring in "The Work," while up for leading roles in other motion pictures and TV series.   [+]   Maya Sanchez and Evelyn Brito are in negotiations for collaborative work with PerformTV.   [+]   Sam Medina is finished with the movie "Bad Lieutenant" with Nicholas Cage, Eva Mendes, Val Kilmer and Jennifer Coolidge.   [+]   Sam Medina is shooting the movie "The Work", while finishing up a role of a Latin Gang Banger on a movie starring Rob Van Dam and Dave Batista.

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Times Square



A San Francisco based suspense thriller about a 2nd generation Catholic Irish Cop that also loves and excels at surfing, must deal with past, present and future baggage. Over 50 different speaking roles for all nationalities.

The Synopsis
Eddie Flanagan is a San Francisco cop, jaded, cynical and wound just a little too tight. In twenty years on the job, Eddie has seen just about everything --- everything that is, until a beautiful young lawyer is brutally murdered in one of the city's trendiest neighborhoods. As any good cop knows, murder cases often take unexpected turns, and in Ocean Beach, what starts out as a routine homicide investigation, quickly turns into something far more frightening and far more bizarrre.

Flanagan is a second generation Irish Catholic cop, a man pushing forty who still surfs the waves at Ocean Beach, his way of handling stress and dealing with personal demons. Something about this murder gnaws at him and just won't leave him alone. What is it? Why is her death different from all the others? So begins a murder probe that will lead Eddie on a strange journey into the dark and dangerous world of San Francisco's underground club scene, and ultimately into the highest reaches of the city's monied elite.

Ocean Beach is raw, edgy and highly atmospheric, set against a backdrop of modern day San Francisco, a pulsating city where internet moguls live alongside recent immigrants. In it is this sprawling and colorful world of new immigrants to the city---Vietnamese and Chinese---that Eddie finds the answers he has been looking for.



Synopsis ::

An elite team of spies with are dispatched to exotic locations all over the world to defend American interests in heart pounding Black-Ops missions. The nine spies have a wide spectrum of personalities and are as varied as their individual expertise. They will use their abilities, foreign contacts, safe houses, resources, intellect, and finely tuned bodies to get out of thickest of quagmires. Place these contrasting characters in high adrenalin situations using modern age high tech gadgetry and weapons to complete their goals with deadly efficiency will keep viewers hungry for more week after week.

With the popularity of spy thrillers like “Mission: Impossible”, “Taken” and the “Bourne” trilogy, “CLASSIFIED:” is destined for success. Especially considering the premise of the show will also serve as a platform for a multi-faceted video game, a page turning comic book, and even full length features sure to fill any theater. Add in a cinematic flair like in such shows as “Burn Notice”, “Royal Pains”, and “Dexter”, it won’t just be the operatives attracting our viewers to the screen. Watch week after week as RON RAINEY, a jack of all trades, leads the team against a multitude of dangers to the United States, both foreign and domestic. Tune in as ZENIA AMBROSE allures corrupt politicians and guerilla warlords into unraveling their secrets between the sheets. Be awed by BUCK FRANKLIN’S deadly accuracy with high powered, long range weaponry, and his cowboy flair. You won’t want to miss the newest action packed hour of drama, suspense, and adventure from all around the globe. But remember… this information is “CLASSIFIED:”!



“STRIPPED” is an urban drama about a female juvenile detention center in the mean streets of Detroit. It is “New York Undercover” meets “Oz” by way of “Law and Order".

A TV series dealing with juveniles, teenagers, care providers, and the urban challenges they face along with their families, schools, communities, etc. With flavor of "The Shield" and "24," this series will touch all audiences even away from the show as every episode is dedicated to a real person or family that has tragically fallen. With characters and guest stars dealing with so many diverse situations and day to day challenges this series will stimulate audiences worldwide and touch communities like no other show has before.