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Perform Tv Consultants on IMDb  |  Breaking News ::   Diegodiego joins our mentoring to youth RED CARPET CELEBRITY CHARITY EVENT   [+]   Orion Stallard just signed to worldwide agency.   [+]   Emerging writer Joshua Singleton is in network negotiations for "Stripped" and "CLASSIFIED."   [+]   Giovanni Di Pietro is currently directing and starring in "The Work," while up for leading roles in other motion pictures and TV series.   [+]   Maya Sanchez and Evelyn Brito are in negotiations for collaborative work with PerformTV.   [+]   Sam Medina is finished with the movie "Bad Lieutenant" with Nicholas Cage, Eva Mendes, Val Kilmer and Jennifer Coolidge.   [+]   Sam Medina is shooting the movie "The Work", while finishing up a role of a Latin Gang Banger on a movie starring Rob Van Dam and Dave Batista.

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Years ago, Perform TV revolutionized client management and established it as a business discipline and powerful marketing tool. Today, we help hundreds of elite athletes, coaches, industry executives and prestigious sports organizations maximize their earnings potential and build strong personal brands. We specialize in nearly every aspect of career development - from contract negotiations to licensing and endorsements and broadcasting opportunities. We also offer a diverse range of media-related services to help our clients leverage the power of positive publicity. Perform TV's long-term approach to comprehensive career management can lead to enduring commercial and philanthropic success.

Perform TV's Holistic approach to client management includes:

  • Contract Negotiations
  • Licensing and endorsements
  • Marketing and Public Relations
  • Personal brand building
  • Media Training, image and crisis management and media relations

Perform represents athletes and coaches in nearly every sport, including:

  • Action Sports
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Football (American)
  • Figure Skating and Ice Dancing
  • Golf
  • Gymnastics
  • Horse Racing
  • International Football (soccer)
  • Motorsports
  • Skiing
  • Tennis
  • Track and Field
  • Water Sports


Contract Negotiation
The world of professional sports is controlled by the player contract. In the modern age, most leagues have instituted a salary cap, which limits the amount a player can make during his first contract or even throughout his career. The contract consists of base salary, signing bonus, appearance bonus, and incentive bonus. Through aggressive negotiation and by exploring all contract options we will build the most complete contract package for our clients, while maintaining their image and integrity.

Arbitration and Litigation
In the event that a team treats a client unfairly, or they act in such a way as to violate the terms of a client's contract or the Collective Bargaining Agreement, we will offer full Arbitration and litigation services.

Career Management
In order to make the transistion to the pros easier, we will offer Career Management and Player services. These sessions will be invaluable in helping clients focus on their career goals and establish a career plan, which will help them to achieve those goals as well as maximize their earning potential.

Marketing Services
Perform Tv Consultants will design a marketing plan for each client to maximize income potential during and after a playing career. We will aggressively pursue endorsements and other commercial opportunities for our clients on a local, regional and national basis. We will take into account each client's primary market, public image, outside interests and available time in developing this strategy. These services shall include:
Personal Appearances
Special Events
Speaking Engagements
Charity/Community Events

This strategy, including any or all of the elements above, shall result in clients receiving contracts for trading cards, product endorsements, automobiles, athletic shoes/equipment, speaking engagements and personal appearances. Perform TV will prove to be the best in sports marketing business at "win-win" partnerships with the business community. We will be as diverse as you want us to be and as personal as you need us to be. Our business contacts will be committed to maximizing our client's resources and improving their bottom line while striving to exceed their promotional goals.

Post-Career and Education Planning:
The reality of professional sports is that athletes have a limited career and must effectively plan for their future after playing professional sports. We will work with our clients to determine their post-career goals and to develop a plan on how to best achieve them. For some clients, this involves taking courses in the off season (which can sometimes be paid for by their team), for others, it is merely a matter of finding out what the requirements are for their chosen future career.

Personal Services
Perform TV will offer a wide variety of personal services to its clients. We realize that during the season, your focus is on your sport. To ensure this, we can and will provide the following:

  • Legal Services/Advice
  • Travel Arrangements (business/personal)
  • Family Needs
  • Real Estate Transactions (renting/buying)

Peform TV will be committed to meeting the needs of every client. both on and off the job. Our staff, when combined with all of our available resources, we will ensure that a client's main focus is on the game. Perform TV will assist you in handling the details and concerns of everyday life.


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