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Perform Tv Consultants on IMDb  |  Breaking News ::   Diegodiego joins our mentoring to youth RED CARPET CELEBRITY CHARITY EVENT   [+]   Orion Stallard just signed to worldwide agency.   [+]   Emerging writer Joshua Singleton is in network negotiations for "Stripped" and "CLASSIFIED."   [+]   Giovanni Di Pietro is currently directing and starring in "The Work," while up for leading roles in other motion pictures and TV series.   [+]   Maya Sanchez and Evelyn Brito are in negotiations for collaborative work with PerformTV.   [+]   Sam Medina is finished with the movie "Bad Lieutenant" with Nicholas Cage, Eva Mendes, Val Kilmer and Jennifer Coolidge.   [+]   Sam Medina is shooting the movie "The Work", while finishing up a role of a Latin Gang Banger on a movie starring Rob Van Dam and Dave Batista.

Current Project :: Mission of Honor

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Los Angeles : 310.926.6578

San Francisco : 310.926.6578

Fax : 310.284.3512

Email : tvfilmsetc@yahoo.com

Times Square


Bringing together leaders, superstars and heroes in sports, business, tv, films and music as well as non-profits, we look to bring NOT ONLY ATTENTION BUT REAL TANGIBLE SOLUTIONS to all challenges facing our youth at risk to today. If you have something to offer or want to help, please contact us as soon as possible.

An extravagant event to bring together some of the most inspirational people: Show Business, Literary Pioneers, Civic Leaders, Humanitarians, Sports, Military Honorees.

The donation is $500.00+ per person towards "youth at risk."

Event activities include: fashion show, magic show, raffle, prizes, charity auction, awards ceremony and TV show for world wide broadcast.

Location and further details will be revealed to those attending.

If you would like to attend the VIP Red Carpet Celebrity Charity Event, please forward all requests and/or inquiries via email :: tvfilmsetc@yahoo.com



Parents know that childcare helps their children to learn and be prepared for all levels of education. They want their children to be cared for in a safe environment during the day. They know that childcare makes it possible for them to work and children know that childcare is fun. They love their caregivers and they are proud to be going to "SCHOOL".

Childcare and after school programs are an essential linchpin to our economy and the peace and security to our nation. Childcare keeps the nation employed and ensures productive performance. In California and parts of the U.S., the Government used to invest heavily in childcare. But budget cuts across the land have forced tough decisions. We ask that you find in your heart to give generously to our mentoring programs that effect all "youth at risk ". You can help us break the cycle of malnutrition, violence, depression, drop-outs and so much more. Your support can be the difference between vacancy of all hope, vision and self esteem and replace with game plans customized to every youth challenge out TO CREATE THE "GAME CHANGERS" THAT WILL LAST A LIFETIME. Together we can build a better state, nation, world and future for the 21st Century and way beyond! Please give today and/or contact us about how you can make a difference!


In 2006, Perform Tv Consultants and www.missionofhonor.net, came up with the idea about heroes, on and off screen, field, stage and world platforms, to step to the plate to heal the suffering with mentoring programs for all "youth at risk." This became the foundation for "Mentoring to Youth."

We will be working with several youth organizations mentoring and tutoring them and assigning them specific duties, tasks and responsibilites, plus awarding them a certificate of completion at the end. Plus cast and crew members will continue to follow these young people as they pursue their education and possible careers in film.

Mentoring to youth should stand with additional content including, but not limited to certification of completion, appreciation and a continued mentoring presence.

We always encourage clients, associates and partners to get involved or contribute to their communities in a productive manner to a charity.

Educating Children Mentoring to Youth


By far one of the most important elements of this project, is to help disadvantaged youth build knowledge and confidence through the Mission of Honor Youth Mentorship Program. Your company can be involved with donations and fundraisers for our youth organizations. You can be included in the event of advertising and sponsorship of this program before, during and after its journey (PR campaign, on site banner ads, your logos on everything from the t-shirts to the certificates, etc). You also have an opportunity to be placed within our featured PBS documentary "Mission of Honor: Saving America's Youth" as the main sponsor (to be filmed before Mission of Honor and broadcast nationwide on over 350 stations and distributed worldwide via DVD). That means you will receive two 10 second TV ad spots (before and after the broadcast) and your logo/name stamped on our documentary DVD cover. To end the film on a high note, a post-shoot auction of almost all of your products will be completed to raise even more money for these organizations. You and your executives even have the opportunity to come out and help with these events yourself!


For the first time ever, we will be allowing youth on to the set of "Mission of Honor" for a temporary adoption within our atmosphere. There they will get a behind the scenes look at how a movie is really made and the hard work and dedication that goes into the process. Each member of the cast and crew will be assigned a young person to take under their wing. From there they will show them what exactly they do first hand and how their job affects the overall film. This is an amazing opportunity for these youth, that I believe will never be forgotten and is something that most normal people don't even get to experience! Upon completing their sessions, they will then receive a framed Certificate of Completion from their mentor (photography, acting, hair and makeup, directing, etc). This will not only be a memory to last a lifetime, but a document stating that they were a part of film-making history.


We focus on developing language skills, social skills, reading, comprehension, literacy, etc. with each individual child. Trained University students will provide personal instruction to children and their families if necessary to bridge gap that with any child struggling with a government program . Government programs are being cut left and right. It is our responsibility to help in the private sector where we can.


Building on our drive and commitment to create hope, discovery, opportunities, cooperation and collaborations in the neighborhoods we serve, we look to our partners for inspiration. What we found was enthusiastic support for our Mentoring Jump Start Program, a program that encourages success and education through various platforms and venues including our precious schools.