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Perform Tv Consultants on IMDb  |  Breaking News ::   Diegodiego joins our mentoring to youth RED CARPET CELEBRITY CHARITY EVENT   [+]   Orion Stallard just signed to worldwide agency.   [+]   Emerging writer Joshua Singleton is in network negotiations for "Stripped" and "CLASSIFIED."   [+]   Giovanni Di Pietro is currently directing and starring in "The Work," while up for leading roles in other motion pictures and TV series.   [+]   Maya Sanchez and Evelyn Brito are in negotiations for collaborative work with PerformTV.   [+]   Sam Medina is finished with the movie "Bad Lieutenant" with Nicholas Cage, Eva Mendes, Val Kilmer and Jennifer Coolidge.   [+]   Sam Medina is shooting the movie "The Work", while finishing up a role of a Latin Gang Banger on a movie starring Rob Van Dam and Dave Batista.

Current Project :: Mission of Honor

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Los Angeles : 310.926.6578

San Francisco : 310.926.6578

Fax : 310.284.3512

Email : missionofhonornet@gmail.com

What Our Clients Have to Say...

"Robert Razavi is not only in your corner fighting every step of the way, but is a heartwarming family member who drives for your success. Manager and Publicist, is a combo of two tigers going after the same piece of meat. No matter how hard the fight, Robert is the one on top, victorious and powerful. My career is going forward fast and full-fledged thanks to my new family of tigers in my corner. Watch out Hollywood, here I come. God Bless all and Iíll see you in the Movies! "

-Giovanni Di Petro

"I just wanted to let you know that you are doing a wonderful job in representing me and you really have my interests at heart. "

-Jennifer Hawkins

Times Square

Who We Are

We are a full service communications firm focused on creative and strategic planning for our clients. We manage people and their images with the utmost integrity. Perform TV is dedicated to providing exceptional professional services in public relations, marketing and events.

Our mission is to listen to and understand your needs, values and messaging. We must learn to see through your eyes. If we provide you with Creativity, Dedication, Competence and Enthusiasm - competitors may catch on but they will never catch up!

Our publicists, managers, negotiators, deal makers, representatives, marketers and counselors pride themselves on committing clients early in their careers and then helping them to rise to remarkable heights. Reflecting on this, our roster shows some very successful clients and members of the entertainment and business community as well as promising new comers. We are in a position to provide strategic counsel to a wide variety of high - profile individuals and corporate clients - ranging from movie and pop stars to major media conglomerates - looking to raise, reposition, or rehabilitate their public profiles. Perform TV is dedicated to finding and developing creative solutions and campaigns for its clients. Perform TV doesn't believe in the "one size fits all" theory. Successful campaigns depend on thinking outside the box and being innovative, efficient and resourceful. What is true exposure? It comes from experience, insight and passion combined with complete loyalty to your goals and aspirations at all times.

Separate yourself from the pack, cut through the red tape and bureaucracy, let us show you how to improve and distribute your brand world wide. Real visibility in real venues and platforms that make strategic differences and create momentum. We work outside the box searching, hunting, scouring and capturing every real opportunity to show case your brands, products, services and talents. Let us show you how to increase value, your dreams, goals, objectives and needs we put first with dedication, pride and smart networking around the world or wherever you need us to be. Let Perform Management show you and/or your organization the impact our savvied advisers can achieve for you, to create a better today and future.